Episode 5 – Becoming an entrepreneur ánd a mom and the importance of motivation and routine

During this episode I am talking to Abby Joffre Eijken. Abby joined the motherhood tribe in 2019, is an entrepreneurial digital native and has lived in the Netherlands for over 10 years.

In our wonderful conversation which took place during the Dutch intelligent lock-down, we talk about:

  • Abby’s journey towards becoming an entrepreneur as well as a mom (4:58).
  • Her transition from becoming pregnant until the birth of her son (17:17).
  • How Abby also become a Cross-Fit coach whilst being pregnant and the importance of finding what’s right for you (27:33).
  • Where she gets her drive and energy to do all the things she does (30:32).
  • Her lesson learned for business and anything in life (38:35).
  • Her ‘false start’ in her ‘going back to work’ period thanks to Covid-19 (44:55).
  • Her biggest mindset change after becoming a mom (49:20).

Want to know more about Abby and/or get in touch? Visit www.presentlycreative.com , contact her directly via abby@presentlycreative.com, or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/inabbyland/ 

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