Episode 7 –  Mindful birthing and parenting & moving from fear to trust

A bonus episode which I am sharing shortly after the last, since I have decided to pause all Mother Your Mindset activities and focus on my maternity leave. But don’t worry, I’ll be back for sure!
This conversation ties well into that as, together with Marjorie Lumet, we talk about mindful birthing and parenting and zoom in on the topic mindfulness.
A quick summary of this episode:
  • Learn more about Marjorie and her extensive background (4:00).
  • Marjorie shares more around her journey into becoming a mom, which was a huge transition (5:38).
  • How mindfulness has supported her in her motherhood journey (11:07).
  • Marjorie talks about how judgement  and comparison can impact our lives and feed into our insecurity around being a parent and our lives overall (19:40).
  • Marjorie shares information on mindful birthing and the parenting course she provides (25:46).
  • Most common challenges/fears she encounters when coaching parents (37:42).
  • Where she gets the drive and energy to fulfill these multiple, inspiring and supporting roles (56:30).
  • Marjorie shares multiple tips for (working) moms (to-be)

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