Finding a coach which matches your vibe and needs can take a lot of your time and effort. I offer a free, online coach introduction call and one-off coaching advice to help you get started.

During your free introduction call I am happy to share more about my coaching services and answer any questions which you might have. Also, if you are trying to get clear on your coaching needs or goals I am happy to dedicate my time to you to figure out next steps. Free of charge, no strings attached and no hard feelings if you continue your coaching process elsewhere.

I am offering these free introduction calls to help you get clear on your goals and help you orient as you find a coach which matches your needs.

What you will receive out of this introduction session

  • A virtual connect session of 45 minutes (worth €85,- incl. VAT). for us to get to know each other, discuss your needs and what you are searching for in a coach;
  • My complementary advise and support as you think about your needs and goals
  • The opportunity to leverage my coaching and business network with build like-minded mothers and mompreneurs.

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