In need of coaching support or a quick mindset boost on the short term? I offer pop-up coaching sessions for mothers who feel they can use a single one-off coaching session and bring in new perspectives instantly.

As a working mom, life can be challenging and sometimes you just need a moment to disconnect and look at things from a new perspective. I am available on the short term to help you unplug and boost your mindset.

With the pop-up session it is my purpose to create more ease, bring more clarity, and help you feel more prepared instantly, through just one online session.

Do you feel the need to connect on the short term? Do not hesitate to connect today. We can be flexible in how we plan the sessions as I understand you might have limited time available whilst you trying to find a manageable schedule of your own.

If you are interested in this one-off coaching session and want to learn more, feel free to book a virtual a virtual call today!

Session Results

During our intensive time together you will:

  • Receive 60 – 90 minutes of my coaching time: Depending on your needs we will shape the session as we go;
  • Receive personal advise to understand and navigate through your current state. We’ll dive into your state of mind as to uncover what areas you can leverage and which require a helping hand;
  • Determine which focus areas you want to work on by challenging your beliefs and creating clarity in next steps;
  • You will you will receive the Mother your Mindset 7-Day Journal Program (total worth of €49,95 incl. VAT) for free to help you feel balanced along the way.

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