In this program I offer unique 1:1 sessions based on your goals. During these sessions my main goal is to provide you the most personal value through a customized approach.

Every mother is unique. We have our own personal aspirations, strengths, and challenges. While one of us struggles to create a more balanced life, a fellow mother is trying to improve her resilience or pursue her dream business career. With this program it is my goal to provide you the most value that you will personally benefit from through a customized coaching approach.

Based on your current position and what your life goals are, I will be your coach along the way. Whether you are looking for more balance as a newborn mom, looking for a way to effectively manage your work-life activities, or looking to rediscover your  core values and pursue your ambitions beyond motherhood. My approach is to provide you tailored exercises and supporting tools in order to help you reach your objectives and unlock your full potential – at your own terms.

Lasting personal change takes time. In order to be effective, my coaching programs usually span over a period of 2-4 months, depending on your goals as well as the amount of sessions and how we decide to plan each . Also, I value your precious time. In terms of planning the coaching sessions, whether online or in-person, I offer the flexibility to facilitate these sessions outside of regular business hours. We can create a schedule which feels good for you.

Do note that as a working mom myself, I want to make sure I am able to dedicate my full support and be present for all my clients. Therefore I have limited coaching slots available each quarter. If you are interested in this coaching program and want to learn more, feel free to book a virtual introduction call – no strings attached!

What’s in it for you

During our 1:1 time together, you will have my full dedication to help you:

  • Find clarity by helping you determine your core values, goals, and aspirations;
  • Understand the best ways to unlock your full potential;
  • Work with customized exercises & receive ad-hoc online and offline support, which will challenge your mindset and give you that extra push;
  • Move forward with your action plan by helping you make key choices and decide on what actions will fulfill your needs;
  • In addition you will receive the Mother your Mindset 7-Day Journal Program as well as the Mom Meditations Album (total worth of €64,95 incl. VAT) for free to support you during as well as after your coaching period.

Mother your mindset _ Marisa Landman coaching

So what are you waiting for?

Claim one of the limited 1:1 coaching slots here!