I am a mom, business consultant, and I coach working moms. And I can help you too.

We all want to be a dedicated mom for our family on one hand, while we juggle our other ambitions with the other hand. However, it’s not as straightforward as we’d always envision it to be. The life of a mom can be hectic!

Joining motherhood and finding a new balance with our other ambitions is long learning process that requires many trials and errors before you finally figure out a way that works for you. Also in the process of loving and caring for others, self-care is most often neglected, and so is mom herself.

After my own mom experience I realized we all could use a little help in our journey to creating a thriving live, from one mother to another. With my online as well as in person programs, I lend a helping hand to newborn and working moms to boost their mindset and in turn help them find and shape their own path to self care and success on their own terms.

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1:1 Coaching

In this program I offer unique 1:1 sessions based on your goals. During these sessions my main goal is to provide you the most personal value through a customized approach.