From being a successful management consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies, thinking I lived a full life, to being totally burned out at the age of 32.

Through the highs and lows, I’ve learned to bring more ease into my life as I balance between my corporate and coaching career as well as my life as a mother. I am feeling blessed that now I get to make a difference in the life of working mothers by providing them of more clarity and focus, and supporting them on their journey to success and well being.

To be more specific:

It is my mission to help working moms create more clarity and ease in their busy lives & pursue their ambitions beyond motherhood.

Building up myself up from close to nothing left me determined to get out of this stronger, even when I was moments away from becoming a new mom. Going through motherhood has helped me to consciously discover how to leverage my strengths and design a life which allows me to feel whole.

What brought me here

Before I had figured out the ideal balance for my working mom life, I was driven by what I thought I needed to be for the external world. Having ignored my own pain after losing my mother at a young age, I took several ‘wrong’ paths before finally finding the right one that worked for me. This has led to experiences with:

  • Addictive behavior
  • Losing my core values
  • Sacrificing my energy to be able to cope in the corporate world
  • Suffering a burnout, leaving my mind, body and soul drained

All the ups and downs that came with it made me realize that I needed help. After a long period of being supported by professionals and my dear family and friends, I discovered a passion for helping people. This introduced me to the world of self-help that taught me how to expand my own awareness and helped me rediscover my own core values while learning how to nurture my own mindset. In the end, I managed to find my way back, but this time on my own terms.

To top it off, I’m now a mother of one, soon to become two. My son’s arrival took a heavy toll on my body and completely transformed my pre-mom world. This became another period of re-adjustment. What I now know for sure is that I am in charge of the direction of my life.

While going through this process I’ve experienced the need to connect with like-minded women and mothers. This made me realize that I was not the only one who lacked adequate support or a sounding board on my journey towards developing a balanced career, as well as adapting to a new family life and other aspirations a woman might have. This has been one of my main reasons to coach other moms.  And what a fantastic honor it’s been so far!

More about my Mom Coaching Programs

A few facts about me

  • Business Advisory & Coaching Career: I have been working as a business consultant for over a decade. This provided me of many opportunities to work with global companies and have gained ample experience in advising and coaching leaders and employees through organizational changes. For my full CV and credentials, feel free to have a look on my LinkedIn page.
  • Coaching Charity: Through charity work I have been very fortunate to guide great individuals and coach high-schoolers, students, refugees and entrepreneurs to find their focus and follow their ambitions. I have had the great opportunity to work with organizations such as UNICEF Netherlands, TEDx Amsterdam, UAF, as well as the 1% Club,
  • Failures: I started up a company designing purses, which unfortunately did not go as planned. I soon realized this was because I had not really thought through the implications of running an at-home manufacturing business and the impact it would have on my daily (working) life.
  • Things I Love: I love cats and food. Especially eating my son’s candy stash.
  • Where I Live: I live in Amsterdam with my family including cat (of course). From my office in the Netherlands, I help moms all over the world.
  • Little secret: I sometimes just sit in the bathroom to have that extra little bit of me time (if my son allows me to go alone).
  • Pet peeve: Dirty toddler hands all over the house and carrying out tedious work
  • I’m not for everyone: I’m all about being transparent, honest and kind. But I will be candid in my feedback and if needed, I will not shy away from giving you that extra ‘push’.
  • My Passion: I love connecting with others, learning from others and help lift each other up. If I can leave a mark in someone’s life – even if it’s just 0.1% – I’m 100% in.
  • Favorite quote of the moment: ‘You grow through what you go through’

Still interested in working with me? I offer various (free) resources as well as mom coaching and community programs.

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